Foodies don’t need a reason to entertain their taste buds.  If India is playing against an arch rival, Pakistan, they will run pillar to post to stock cold drinks and snacks.

If any bad day India, lost the match, they won’t sulk, rather visit their favorite restaurant to replace the disappointment with palatable Matar Paneer Curry.

Not to mention, foodies are another version of epicureans, they worship food like anything. Ask them, which food joint serves the best Chola Bhatura and they won’t take much time to tell you about Paharganj Chola Bhatura Corner. Ask them which place is known for the best parathas, and you will get well expected answer renowned Parathe Wala near Moolchand Highway.

Foodies are so maverick about food that they even celebrate their defeat. Say, if they lost a bet, you can find them savoring food in any restaurant which is in their budget.

Sometimes foodies’ passion for food turns into obsession. They visit the restaurants’ kitchens to preach chefs and cooks.  A few Foodies’ nature irks their wives and friends

Not to mention, foodies are gregarious by nature. They love to throw parties, and sometimes because of this trait, their budget takes a back seat. 

You can’t compete with them when it comes to versatile knowledge about food.  So the best thing is, praise them, so that your name will always be there in the important guests’ list.  

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