Simple tips to light up your home, naturally!

Have you ever wondered why elderly people always lay stress on opening windows early morning? Well, that’s because natural light provides good health to you as organic disinfectant against dangerous bacteria that can lower your immunity. Not just that - it also makes your home look aesthetically appealing; thereby making the interiors airy as well as spacious.

The benefits of natural light don’t end here. Natural light limits electricity consumption, keeping an economical check on the electricity bills. So, do you want natural light to flow into your homes to make you feel happier, healthier and more alive? We present you some easy tips that will help you to bring maximum natural light into your home.

  1. Open those windows

To let the natural light flow into your room, embellish the windows of your house with light curtains and pull them back. Also, try to avoid placing bulky and heavy furniture right in front of your windows as that may obstruct the natural light.

  1. Mirrors don’t lie

A very smart way to light up your room naturally is to use mirrors opposite to the walls. This creates an illusion of having more windows by reflecting the light from the windows. This technique will make the room spacious and will also instantly brighten the space.

  1. Treat your windows light & right

We’ve already emphasized on using light color curtains to let more light come into your rooms. If you are concerned about privacy, you can go for sheer fabric. If minimalist look is your favorite, try shutters as they control natural light and protect the privacy of your home as well.

  1. Balance dark ceiling with recessed lighting fixtures

Many people are fond of dark painted or wood paneled ceilings as it adds a lot of style and drama. But here we are stressing on natural light into the homes. So, this fascination of adding oomph can be balanced by adding recessed lighting fixtures. They ensure light to the dark ceiling without damaging the dramatic effect of dark painted or wood paneled ceiling.

  1. Colors speak louder than words

When it comes to picking wall paint, go for light colors. Make sure that the color of the ceiling is lighter than that of the walls. We suggest matt finish paints as they work very well for reflecting light.

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