Face book and Internet have weakened our bond.

When was the last time you visited one of your relatives, without any formal invitation. When was the last time, you sat with your mother just to chit-chat about mundane things? When was the last time you took your sister to an ice cream parlour.  When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself …

…Do not remember, right!  Now please do not give this excuse that you hardly get time. Because we know after sumptuous dinner you just jump on your bed, to browse your facebook page. And when wife sulks, because she needs your time to discuss a few things, which aren’t very significant, you sideline her, saying you are on online conversation with your boss. 

In contemporary times Facebook and Internet have made us no lesser than slave.  People have almost forgotten social ethics and the cultural values.   Nowadays there aren’t courtesy visits. If you are unwell, forget a bouquet of flowers with a GET WELL SOON note, people don’t even ask about well- being on phone.  

If you are die-hard social human being, then, thanks to your stars if you get precise well- being message on the phone. In the nutshell, What’s Up, Internet, Google have put our lives on the fast track, but they have weakened our fine bond. Bond of humility, the bond of real concern for each other,  and the bond of affection.