How CHANDNI CHOWK WALA FOOD made wedding shopping more tasteful

Anu was a student of architecture in the college of vocational studies.Though she was a modern thinker still she was closer to books than friends. Her brother’s wedding was near, unlike any bridegroom’s sister she wasn’t worried about shopping.

Anu’s family knew she wasn’t much gregarious, still they pampered her to follow them on the shopping expedition.

With light disdain, Anu, went for shopping. Anu’s family picked her sister-in-law from Hauzkhas. From there they boarded Metro for Chandni Chowk.

Chandni Chowk is known for three things. Palatable food, exquisite wardrobes and designer crockery. Once they came out of the metro station, they stopped near Natraj Bhalle Wala, everybody knows his Bhallas are awesome so I am not investing words to elucidate Chandni Chowk taste.

After having awesome bhallas, they purchased wedding fabric from shops. While they were walking on the lane they saw water balls vendor, I mean golgappa wala.  Smile ran on everybody’s face. It was as if they actually came for tangy golgappas. The vendor was bit loquacious, so after giving his services, he told them about his catering business.

These days parties and celebrations have become tradition. The family listened about the Catering Services like some obedient disciple. After having spicy golgappas, next thing was chilled kulfi, luckily they spotted kulfi wala. Kesar Kulfi with rose flavor turned boring shopping into a fun spree. After having kulfi the family entered shoes’ showroom, the owner of the showroom was also food buff. He told Anu about   online catering services.  Once the shopping was over they came home. The shoes showroom owner told Anu about Helpguru portal. Anu typed  and she was surprised to see the gamut of   services. So far she had to depend on her first cousins to arrange parties and celebrations now the Helpguru has set her free.