Go ahead and be your own Interior Designer


Fun with Woodwork                         

Now that your apartment is ready for possession and the planning is afoot to shift inside it after your child’s final exams there’s just one thing nagging your mind—woodwork. Agreed, it is a tough call and finding an interior designer or a carpenter often turns out to be a difficult proposition.

May we suggest you an alternative—why don’t you plan, design and execute everything yourself. Yes, to begin with it would be a little difficult but as you follow the steps outlined below, you would slowly get a hang of it and by the time you actually start a work, rest assured it will turn out to be a big fun.

First and foremost get the size of the rooms

Usually as the flats are becoming smaller the rooms too are losing on their spaces. Getting the exact sizes will help you plan the woodwork, and more specifically, it will enable you to decide what portion of it could be utilized for wardrobes and how much of it should be overhead units.

Electrical points

In your zeal while planning do not forget electrical points. Later, in case of some wires needs to be replaced your woodwork may turn out to be a hindrance.

Modular or walled units

The advantage of modular woodwork is that you can mix and match it later. Or shift one unit from one place to another. But the downside is that this would be costlier that the walled units. No hard and fast rules, entirely depends on your preference.

Read on wood, plywood, particle board and other materials

Each one of the above has its own strengths and disadvantages. See which fits your budget and needs.

Most important get a carpenter who knows his work

That’s’ the most challenging part. Discuss it with your friends who have had their woodwork done recently. This should give you an idea. Or take help of trusted online platforms like helpguru.com.

Understand your requirements and then come up with a design

Internet should be of great help to you. Visit homes of your friends, neighbors, furniture showrooms and, if you still want to do better, consult an interior designer. Places such as helpguru.com should be of great help to you.

Happy home making.