Gain blessings of Maa Laxmi Without spending fortune!

Diwali is not only the festival of dazzling lights, but it is also the time to establish prosperity in your home. There are fewer millionaires in this world, but those who are not so much wealthy, can sustain or augment the prosperity by following simple tips like…

  • Dispose off, old magazines, clothes, newspapers, furniture.
  • If possible, energize your home by white washing or applying a fresh coat of paint
  • Water fountains play a pivotal role; place a cascade of water outside your front door, preferably right hand side.
  • Light is an important feature, it helps in warding off evil spirits, bring in prosperity and energize surroundings
  • The main door of your home invites good & bad energy. Small foot prints drawn using flour, rice and vermillion help in spreading positive energy.
  • Toran fixed on the main door brings a lot of fortune. String of Marigold and Mango leaves tied to the main door helps in ceasing negative energy.
  • Place idols in the north east direction
  • Never keep photos of demised people in your pooja room

Follow these tips and see how life becomes melodious symphony.