Safeguard your plastic money

All of us love to see a few dreams. And one such dream is, seeing oneself in the tub with a lot of money. I mean paper currency. This dream sometimes sends shivers in our body; still, we wake up with a broad smile.

At times we become so curious, that we take a leave from our office and visit the nearby temple to know its repercussions.    

 You might laugh, but the truth is now onwards, this dream will not bring a seamless smile on our faces.  Reason, we all know…yes, demonetization has changed the game.  Contemporary generation loves to flaunt the plastic money.

Some adore these plastic cards and some don’t. But the fact is, the situation is like Hobson’s choice.  

India is equipping itself to learn the art of demonetization.  And the irony is, the people who had already written obituary of computers and digital money, are now running pillar to post to learn the new skills of drawing money. They feel quite excited when ATM machines throw fresh currency as they put their password. 

 Digitization has its advantages but there is a risk too. Like, you are using ATM card but don’t know how to procure your password or you are doing e-shopping and not very vigilant while placing your order.

 Pickpockets in the market have a sixth sense, they follow you like bees. Akin hackers on the portal look for nerds who are smart in spending and crass, when it comes to security checks.

Many people are so much reckless that they do not the difference between log in and log out. This situation is just like ABHIMANYU who knew how to enter in the CHAKRAVYU but did not know how to come out of it.    

We all strive to enjoy a comfortable living.  But, don’t you think the security of that money is equally important. Here we are giving few tips; follow them to safeguard your plastic wallet. 

  •  Do not reveal your credit card’s password
  • Keep changing your credit card’s password
  • Don’t keep the number of credit cards in your wallet