What Wood for Woodwork – Part I

Out in the market searching for wood for your home woodwork? As any veteran will tell you it’s hell of a confusion. As many people you interact with, as many advise you will get. So how do you choose the right material?

Answer in one word is it’s not really as complicated as it is made out to be.

First of all three disclaimers.

  1. When we use the term wood we actually mean engineered products. Pieces of log that after being sawed from trees have been used in different permutations and combinations to make different categories of products.
  2. Yes, pure wood is also available and for the people who are willing to pay these can be used in making furniture but these are very costly and therefore out of purview at least for present.
  3. Know that whatever material you use with clear-cut intended purpose each one of them have the inherent strength to last really long.

Now let’s commence our search.

First and foremost, define your usage. What type of furniture you want to make? Start looking around only after you are clear about the end product you have in mind.

For example you want a decorative pieces that has elaborate designs upon it and yet it does not need to bear too much load go for MDF Boards. Computer table, central table, corner table, shutters for dressers can be easily made with MDF. Obviously, if you use MDF to make a bed or shutter for a tall wardrobe or a bookrack or kitchen cabinets for monthly rations these will easily sag and even break. 

MDFs are made from sawdust glued together by an adhesive these turn our to be quite soft and cannot bear much load.

Advantages: Highly affordable. In fact cheapest amongst all. Since the material is soft it can be carved into elaborate designs. Easiest material to work upon.

Disadvantages: Lacks strength. So cannot be used for furnitures that need to bear weight. Screws do not hold easily as its core is soft.