Getting Your Home Registered

With real estate slowly picking up pace quite a large number of builders have either completed the construction or are on the verge of doing so. This is more so pertinent in the state of Uttar Pradesh where the Chief Minister has announced offer of possession of around 50,000 homes by the end of the year.

Naturally, the first question that arises in the mind of the excited home buyers is about the registration process.

How easy or difficult it can turn out to be? How to make the payments? What time does it take? How to get in touch with the lawyer? What are the charges? The list could be quite long and would require more than one article.

So for the purpose of brevity we would concentrate in this article the first stage, that is, the registration process.

To begin with if you have bought an apartment from a big builder it is very likely that he would already have an advocate on his rolls/contract. If that is so then things become quite easy. But you still have to pay his fees.

If that is not the case then you will have to find your own advocate. Don’t think that it is much of a headache. Sites like this one can easily connect you to one at market competitive prices.

Before you approach him/her get all your property papers including photos in order. Also ensure that you have managed two witnesses who are willing to go to the Registrar’s office with you.

At least 2-5 days before the date of registry ensure that you deposit the Stamp Duty. The most convenient method is online transfer which you can do sitting at your home. Once you have transferred the amount make sure to note down the reference number.

Armed with the property papers, photos and witnesses try to reach the advocate’s chamber by 10-11. Even though they claim that you will be free in 2-3 hours set aside almost the entire day.

And don’t forget to carry plenty of water and snacks to last the day.