Pest Control Service You Can Trust

Get rid of those unwanted pests with Helpguru’s reliable pest control service. Pests like cockroaches, rats etc. not just spoil your food and your mood but are also the carriers of deadly diseases. Certainly their presence in your home is not warranted. But often it feels that it is their residence that you are living in.

Occupying hard to reach places such as in between the drawer panels, getting rid of them calls for expertise and understanding of what is in your home that has attracted them in the first place. Our team of expert pest controllers will help you lead a life that’s free from tension. 


Don’t let bedbugs give you sleepless nights, get them rid from your sofa… contact Helpguru, which has professional service providers committed to remove every single bedbug from your house. 

General Pest Control

Pests turning your life miserable! Don’t worry the expert pest warriors empaneled with Helpguru carry with them the experience and tools to flush out the most persistent pests even from inaccessible nooks and crevices. 

Misting & Fogging

Certain life threatening diseases are easily preventable. At times things such as misting and fogging can do the trick. Driving away mosquitoes they not only keep you safe from dengue and malaria but also help you lead a tension-free life. 

Rodent Control

Mice in your home giving you trouble? Worry not our professional and trained pest control service providers will get them out of your home. Just get in touch with us and we will to the rest for you.

Termites Control

Termites spell big trouble and sooner you get rid of them better it will be for you. At Helpguru the trained and experienced termite control service providers will ensure that your woodwork remains safe and last long.

Services offered:

  • Reliable and affordable
  • Latest knowhow
  • Ability to drive out the most persistent pests