AC Servicing – Mrs. Doubtfire is No Doubt Impressed (Part II)

Recap – Mrs. Doubtfire is little unsure whether to trust the Helpguru troubleshooter to service her AC. Her husband’s assurance that in case she is not satisfied Helpguru will service her AC again and in spite of every effort if she still remains unconvinced Helpguru will gladly refund her money gladdens her up.

Now the story ahead.

Her conversation on phone with her hubby gave Mrs. Doubtfire the confidence. Disconnecting the call she toyed with the idea whether to call the Helpguru Toll Free Number or to install the Helpguru App or to hook up on their website. Deciding that installing the App would enable her to have detailed records, which she could easily verify she decided to take the App route.

Installing the Helpguru App and filling the basic details was a breezy experience. Once she received the welcome message and the assurance that her data will not be shared with any third party or misused, she decided to connect with the Helpguru. Soon after she received a confirmation and thereafter the call from the Service Technician assigned to her.

 The Service Technician patiently understood her requirements and discussed a tentative costing. It made her glad to know that the amount was on the lower side than was available in the neighbourhood. Besides, she was also impressed by his politeness. Once they had decided on the preferred date and time she waited with abated breath.

On the assigned date, which was the next day, Mrs. Doubtfire received a confirmation call from the Technicians and at the appointed time he was at her door.

The man and his assistant were smartly dressed, polite and patiently heard her requirements before proceeding ahead with dismantling the AC. They carried all the latest servicing machinery with them, did a thorough work and after reinstalling the AC checked its performance in her presence.

Meanwhile, his Assistant went about his work collecting his instruments and thoroughly cleaning the muck that had come out of the AC, leaving both the bathroom and the room in which the AC was installed spic-n-span.

Mrs. Doubtfire no doubt was impressed by their professionalism and gave the maximum rating at the time of payment. Before they left they also ensured her that though they were 100 percent sure that her AC was working fine but in case the doubt creeps back in her mind she should feel free to get in touch with Helpguru. The help actually was just a call away.