AC Servicing – To Trust of Not to Trust: Mrs. Doubtfire Dilemma (Part I)

Picking up the pamphlet Mrs. Doubtfire gave it a cursory glance. 

“This summer let’s welcome winter.” The headline read.

“From Helpguru.” And it ended giving its number at the bottom promising of high-tech AC servicing gadgets, well-behaved servicing engineers, professional approach and digital payment option. What caught Mrs. Doubtfire’s attention was the sentence in the starburst. “If you are not satisfied, we will come over again… free of cost.”

‘The usual marketing over-speak.’ Mrs. Doubtfire shoved the pamphlet with disdain and continued with the article she had left.

Midway between her readings, Mrs. Doubtfire felt slightly uncomfortable. Looking out of the window what she saw left her wondering. It was not yet the end of March and yet the sky looked menacingly hot. Even the newspapers hinted that the summer was going to be hotter than the previous years.

She switched on the fan and adjusted its regulator to keep the speed low but thinking about the future she shuddered.

 Thankfully her AC was still new. She gave it a glance. It in return assured her of its service.

“Service.” The word rankled a bell in Mrs. Doubtfire’s mind.

 “Oh, yes,” she realized the service of her AC and as she frantically tried to recall where she had kept the visiting card of the service engineer. Getting on her feet and looking at the places she usually kept the numbers got her nothing. And then she remembered the pamphlet she had seen some minutes ago.

Picking it up she wondered could she trust them. Calling her husband Mrs. Doubtfire discussed her predicament with him. He in turn said to her to trust her instinct, and after checking about the company, Helpguru on their website replied that they seemed genuine, in any case if anything goes wrong, it was hardly a matter of few hundred rupees.

Mrs. Doubtfire was about to cut him short, when he replied, “I know your issue sweetheart, in case you are not satisfied, they will service your AC again, and if you still insist even refund your money.”


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