Self-Diagnose Electrical Problems

We cannot imagine modern life without electricity. Any disruption leads to major inconveniences. Often one is left with nothing but to call an electrician. Often it can lead to another sort of headache. Not reaching on time, overcharging, etc. are common complaints. Even though fiddling with electricity is not advisable but still one can take a few steps before deciding to call electricians. Electrical problems are part of our daily life.

Lighting problems
In case of an incandescent bulb confirm whether its filament is broken. If it is LED lamp attach to another holder before deciding if it is not working. Same thing goes for conventional tubelight.

Electrical plug points
Plug another appliances to decide whether the plug is working or the electrical appliance has konked off.

Electrical appliances not working
Open the plug to see whether the wire hasn’t loosened. Another sign is; observe whether the colour of plug points has become darker. If it has indeed then replacing the plug will save you money. It is easy and you can do it yourself.

No electricity
Confirm from neighbor whether they are getting electric supply. If their answer is yes then walk to the circuit breaker. See whether it has tripped. 

However, we strictly advice from carrying electricity repairs. When working on appliances only do it after disconnecting it from plug. Switch off lights as well circuit breakers. Never ever touch live air. And always wear rubber slippers of wooden stool when diagnosing electrical problems.