Mrs. Mishra was perplexed when her daughter complained of stomach pain, which finally ended up in loose motion. It was clearly a case of infection. But from where could she have got it? It was a question that kept running in the back of her mind as the rickshaw she had taken took her on a bumpy road to her family doctor’s clinic.

She was a meticulous woman. Never to shy away from work she was thorough as far as cooking was concerned. Her house was always clean and for the water, she had installed the best RO System in the kitchen. Even when she ventured out with her family she ensured that they always chose clean eateries and used packaged water from reputed companies.

Cases of stomach upset have been rare. In fact, she could not remember when her daughter or for that matter any family member had suffered from it.

“Where she could have gone wrong?” It was the question that nagged her mind as she cajoled the rickshaw puller to pedal faster.

“Or was it something else!” She had no answer.

As the rickshaw stopped at the clinic she asked the man to wait for her to return and loped inside tagging her daughter along with her. There were not many people and her turn came quickly.

The diagnosis was simple. After asking a few perfunctory questions the doctor pronounced his verdict.

 “Stomach infection,” he said and went on to write the prescription.

 On hearing the words Mrs Mishra heaved a sigh of relief that it was nothing serious. But her mind was not at rest.

“How,” it kept ruminating and unable to keep it to herself asked the doctor this question, adding that her family always drank RO water.

A smile spread on the doctor’s face and he asked, “and before drinking do you also rinse it in the RO water?”

Mrs. Mishra and intelligent lady and a diligent homemaker that she mentally noted the point and as she thanked the doctor and came out of his clinic to purchase the medicine made it a point that from now she would ensure that after getting her utensils cleaned with tap water she would before using them rinse it with the RO water.

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