Computer Not Working? Click to Contact HelpGuru…

Computer not working? Relax as help just a click away. With HelpGuru.

Yes you can trust us with your eyes shut. Our engineers are well trained and available at the click of your mouse or a phone call away. The engineers are properly verified and most preferably visit you from an area not far from where you stay. 

The digital world has brought immense possibilities at our doorstep, or to put it more correctly on our fingertips. The Internet, the Smart Phones and the growing world of Apps have brought before us untold convenience and we are, even though sitting in our home or office, literally connected to the vast world through this unparalleled network. 

So you know what to do. Instead of fretting or fuming, getting your stress level high or raising your blood pressure or for that matter even taking the entire office/home on your head, just sit back and relax. Take a deep breath, a glass of water and after calming yourself pick up your phone or sit on the computer that is working. All at a reasonable cost right at your doorstep.


About HelpGuru

HelpGuru has pioneered the concept of professional help at your home/office. It amalgamates a wide range of services from the smallest darning concerns to maintenance of residential/commercial complexes and business centres.

After selecting the service you want and having chosen the time during which you wish to be contacted, the backend does the entire work. The engineer from the area nearest to yours visits you, and after completing the necessary formalities and finalizing the charges, he fixes your system right before you, if that is possible, and you proceed well satisfied to complete the project you had so desperately wanted. That’s the power of technology and it is going to revolutionise your life in ways that’s even difficult to think about.

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