You may have met some folks who cannot live without food and it is a universal fact. In every friend circle, there is one friend who has the obsession with food. They live only for food and parties, events, conferences are heaven for foodies.

Gourmets hardly miss the opportunity to relish good food. They are not much interested in events and ceremonies, rather love to inspect food venue.

Sometimes food lovers’ obsession with food irks their life partner. Ask them about their school time, and they will tell you, school canteen was their favourite hangout. Probe about their college life, and you come to know they spent more time in the cafeteria as compared to lecture rooms.

Foodies do not need a reason to celebrate. They craft reasons and occasions as per their mood. One doesn’t need much to convince foodies.

Serve their favourite cuisine and you can easily get their vote. Food lovers are the soul of parties, they don’t eat to fill their stomach, contrary to it; these mavericks relish every single morsel.

Foodies’ office life is no less enticing. Their best pals are the ones who never skip lunchbox. If foodies own a firm; they love to be in the company of food aficionados.

The more you know about these foodies, the more you find them witty and hilarious. When their beloved team wins in IPL match. They rejoice, somersault throw a party or attend one. And if on any bad day the opponent team steals the show, they celebrate the defeat with hot piping cutlets and a glass of champagne.

In a nutshell, foodies worship food, they can slay anyone for a rich treat.

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