Help is just a click away with Helpguru

How often seemingly small things such as a leaking faucet have got on your nerves? 

How often you’ve wanted a particular service or a specific manpower and your entire office had no clue about what to do?

How often you had wanted something, which was outside the purview of your office, to be done immediately and no one knew whom to connect to.

Small things such as electricity not working, air-conditioning gone kaput, tidying up of the green area, painting of the building façade, or minor repair works, IT related services and short term need of a professional hand often have the capacity to take your entire schedule haywire…!

Instead of dealing with multiple hands and managing multiple phone numbers how often you wish that there was one person/company you can outsource all your trivial headaches!

That’s where Helpguru comes in. We are here to manage all your minor yet major concerns.

Why Helpguru

  • Helpguru brings organization to hitherto unorganized service providers
  • It will get you professional help by well-trained persons from your area
  • All Helpguru professionals have been given basic etiquette training
  • They are well-behaved, well-mannered, polite and competent
  • Every professional help has been verified by competent authority such as police and their databases have been properly maintained
  • Helpguru ensures immediate availability of services, 24x7
  • Totally transparent process with quotation settled beforehand
  • One stop solution to most of your needs
  • Ever expanding list of services

 So next time you have a problem pick up a phone or open the website or the app and contact Helpguru.

With Helpguru you are in safe hands.

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