That’s the first and foremost question that comes to our mind the moment we think about installing an AC. To many high electricity bill is a major concern because of which they continue to postpone their AC purchase decision. Unable to get sound sleep it affects their performance in the office. Students find it difficult to study. Housewives find that summer saps their energy. And the health of elderly persons may even deteriorate.

However, if one uses AC judiciously the electricity bill can be kept quite under control.

The question is how do we do it?

You will find it quite surprising that it is hardly any rocket science.

First and foremost understand that setting the AC at the lowest temperature does not actually mean that the cool air that is coming out of the vent is at 16 degrees temperature. Even if you set the temperature at 25 it does not make any difference to the coolness of the air. In fact the temperature at both 25 and 16 measure the same.

What it means that at 16 the compressor will be working overtime to lower the room temperature at 16 while at 25 the compressor will stop quite early thus affecting the amount reflecting in the electricity bill.

Depending on your preference you can set the temperature anywhere from 22-23 to 25-26 for optimum sleeping temperature and lower the electricity consumption.

The other strategy you can adopt is to set a lower temperature to begin with and increase the temperature to 25 as the night progresses. You can also use the step-up temperature option. It increases the temperature every hour (depend on the model you buy) to give you a good night sleep and also save money.

Now go ahead, enjoy your AC to maximum and also get low electricity bill.

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