Thinking of buy an AC?

We understand that you have discussed the brand, thought over its impact on electricity bill, enquired about the company’s service record in your locality, even finalized the tonnage, the looks etc. 

But wait. Have you considered your room size? 

The way new apartment complexes are coming up the rooms are getting smaller and smaller. It’s quite possible that 1 Ton might be more suitable for than the more popular 1.5 Ton.

It is also very important because the tonnage will decide your electricity bill. The higher the capacity greater the money you will pay at the end of every month. 

Second, it also has a significant impact on the cost of the AC. As the tonnage of the AC get higher it also starts becoming costlier.

Third point concerns the cooling capacity. As a rule of thumb larger the room greater should be the AC’s capacity.

So which one should you buy?

A calculation, though it is quite basic but works well is that for a room 8 feet by 8 feet 0.75 T will be sufficient. A 10x10 room will need 1 T. And for others, until you have a very large 1500 to 2000 sq ft drawing room, 1.5 T will work.  

Height of the room is another criteria. The above calculation takes into consideration the standard height of 9 feet. 

Other factor that you need to keep in mind is the orientation of the sun relative to your house. Does its rays fall directly on the walls? The size of the window and the direction in which it opens is another very important criteria you should consider before deciding upon the AC’s tonnage.  

In a nutshell, if your apartment or the room in which you are planning to install the AC faces sun and has window directly facing the sun you should go for higher tonnage as your AC will need that extra power to offset the effect.

Hope it has answered your questions about which AC will be more suitable for your room. Should you have any other query feel free to contact us.

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